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facebook login doen not work

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Many of us can't get the facebook login to work properly. There is two problems we have to solve here. When you get the error message Could not fetch your facebook account, then apache server is not configured properly. The "URL file access" must be open like this in the file file_get_contents:

; Whether to allow the treatment of URLs (like http:// or ftp://) as files.
allow_url_fopen = On

But do remember, that facebook uses SSL (https) connection therefor, the fbconnect will not work, and you'll get the error Could not fetch your facebook account. There is no https command in the file_get_contents

Some other issues are if you enabled approve user before they can login. In this case can facebook connect not log you inn, and you'll get the error message again. Disable user approval!

There are some fix, but those ar just helping the few, and the same in the apache server file_get_contents. This help some few.
The rest of us can only blame on facebook, and phpfox encoding.

I can see at the Phpfox supportboard that they knows the problem, but no one seems to be able to solve it. Janran have same problems with facebook login, and there is problems with other application to, but only with the facebook connect.

If some of have some othe soulutions, i'll be glad to hear from you.



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jairainworks well formyfacebook,but thephpfoxdoes not seem tobe able to offeraroutinethat bypasses theproblem.

if anyone canplease post,it will certainly beappreciated byat least hundreds ofusers.

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Could not fetch your facebook account problem

Because the Facebook ID and Secret Code in PhpFox Setting is not correct or same in your Facebook Apps.

Try to reset in Facebook ID and Secret Code then copy and paste in PhpFox Setting.



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why don't someone create a language for special mods like facebook and twitter, they say, you can create your own pc language using xml



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my login to facebook is acting funny, it goes to login and then disappears? does not log me into my site?

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same error @cry

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