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I'm an avid modifier of phpfox, mainly because of feature requests ignored or even idiotically downvoted by people in Malaysia who want nothing but a Facebook clone. phpfox camp is the best source of code snippets and help with modifying code.

The users on the forum also understand software practices, how a community works, and as such I've never had problems with them, I can't say the same for the official phpfox moderators, firstly the "chief" has no development knowledge, her sole job seems to be to bring in the money from new users, and shut up the disgruntled existing ones. Firstly I was removed from scripttech, on two occasions, once for being logged in too much (whilst I was working on my site for hours on end), more recently, banned for having an account here.
I've now been informed I'm not allowed to express my dislike at the 70% of uploaded themes that are nothing but css and colour edits of a core/default theme, not for the first time, removing the comment and over-exaggerating about the content for anyone else looking.

Whilst I don't and wont ever condone nulling or ripping of someone's hard work by people with no intention of ever paying for it, phpfoxcamp is definitely the best source of help for anyone wanting a knowledgeable community.




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2 years since my first post: I stopped using PHPFox for a bit but have come back to see how the constant developments and instability that caused me to stop using it have come on, I'm quite impressed with the new look although when you get into it, the underlying code is very much the same, quite heavy.
The problems with support, etc still appear to exist, they're not taking tweak/enhancement type bug reports, and "she who must not be named" is still writing answers to questions on the PHPFox forums, on her own site, scripttechs. How much money is scripttech's making? How is Raymond not a bit bothered about her directing support away from the official resources, to her own site? And where when purchasing PHPFox, did I agree to her cross-referencing my details to validate my registration on scripttechs. ScriptTech's isn't (afaik) an affiliate of PHPFox and as such, the use of information in such a way constitutes breach of data protection.


I like PHPFox and the real developers of it, I'm pleased that the new version's theme steps away from the Facebook clone-feel. I'll repeat my original post in that, PHPFoxCamp is the best source of code edits and snippets, I just wish there was a version of this that didn't condone nulling, breaking copyrights/licenses, but if half of the self-confessed Anonymous fanboys are still here, that's unlikely to change unfortunately.


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